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As a society, we have become dangerously disconnected from the land and the sources of food that sustain life. We have detached ourselves from the real source of wealth - a respectful and reverent relationship with each other and the land.
In 1997, Brother Rick Samyn felt a calling to start a garden at his workplace, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. The response was overwhelming and positive. That small plot of land grew into what is our urban farm project today.
Earthworks Urban Farm seeks to build a just, beautiful food system through education, inspiration, and community development. We seek to restore our connection to the environment and community. It is a working study in social justice and in knowing the origin of the food we eat.
This project relies on the gracious donations of many. Neighbors and friends of all ages, incomes and faiths join us in our work. We hope that you will visit us and see what a special project Earthworks Urban Farm has become. We encourage you to take our self guided tour when you visit (more information coming soon!)
You are welcome to visit our farm at any time and take our self-guided tour. Please click here.

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Pepper plants newly transplanted.
Pepper plants newly transplanted.